Kevin Brandow was a member of the Christian rock band Petra for 6 years from 1996-2002. Since then, he works in New York as a music director for ERCC. One of his main jobs is the tedius task of scheduling musicians and music for weekly services and special events.

"I've been using Church Performer for 5 years and it is awesome! This application saves me a ton of time!

Scheduling a service takes about 1 minute. It appears on a webpage accessible only by my music team. It also saves my past schedules and allows me to go back and study. It lets me know how many times we've played a song and when. It keeps running totals of my team members, my song charts/keys, CCLI reporting, and everything else I need to do a great job!

I estimate that Church Performer saves me 2-3 hours each week. It makes communication and organization a snap! If you are a music leader like me, you need this!"

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